Walkers to 6 year olds

While our Recreational Gymnastics program is for athletes 7 to 17 years of age, those under 7 typically participate in our Kinder Gym Program.

The RCG Kinder Gym Program is a specialized preschool movement education program based on the USA Gymnastics’ Preschool Fundamentals Program. Our classes are divided by age, skill level, and gender after age 5. Each level follows a lesson plan that includes gymnastics skills and complementary activities that give your child multiple opportunities to experience esteem-building success, develop socially and improve their strength and motor skills each week…all while having the time of their lives!

We have created a separate, custom-designed gym that is filled with kid-size equipment and all of the stuff we know kids like best including fun learning toys and tools plus their own trampoline, tumble trak and loose foam pit. It is the perfect atmosphere for each child to learn to be their best safely and with a minimum of distractions. It is our goal for each child to experience the joy of movement, the excitement of success and the fun of being part of the group each time they come into the gym. Learning should always be this fun!

Girls & Boys Ages 7-17

Recreational Gymnastics should be genuine fun! Genuine in the way that it is taught, fun in the way it is executed. We realize the pure joy of “just doing” gymnastics but that doesn’t mean that we do not take teaching it correctly and safely seriously.

Our Recreational Gymnastic program is for athletes 7 to 17 years of age. Athletes under 7 typically participate in our Kinder Gym Program with classes taught in their own Kinder Gym room.

We are a USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Program. Our recreational classes and lesson plans center around teaching the core skills of the Women’s and Men’s Level 1-4 Program. Each skill is taught with correct form and following correct progressions so the limits on your child’s future involvement with the sport are those of personal choice.

All recreational classes are held in our 12,000+ square foot “Big Gym”, home to our competitive gymnastics programs. Plenty of space, equipment time and professional, enthusiastic instructors make these classes a great place to start and learn for the fun of it or because your child has something more serious in mind someday!

Founded in May, 1999 by a group of families, gymnasts, and coaches who wanted an alternative to existing competitive programs in the area.

To provide athletes that possess the ability and desire an opportunity to explore competitive gymnastics in a safe, fun, and positive learning environment.

To provide quality gymnastics training that creates well-balanced and confident athletes who take pride in their individual achievements as well as those of their teammates.

To have a competitive program we all are proud to be a part of because we produce healthy, self disciplined, self determined, and compassionate athletes able to train and find success as individuals and as a team, in and out of the gym.

That our gymnasts grow to be happy, healthy, responsible, successful adults with a love for gymnastics and a respect for themselves and others.

Our program is open to girls with the desire to participate in competitive gymnastics and required skills as defined by USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Program. It is divided into 3 different programs: Explorers Pre-Team, Xcel, and Girls Junior Olympic. Placement with the groups is determined by on age, skill and commitment level.

This pre-team training group is designed to prepare our youngest gymnasts for eventual participation in competitive gymnastics. Gymnasts between 4.5 and 11 years old that are invited to participate in Explorers demonstrate good basic gymnastics skills, appropriate strength, flexibility and attitude along with a desire to become more involved in the sport of gymnastics. The goal for athletes in the Explorers is to become participants in our Junior Olympic or Xcel Competitive Programs.

This “fun” optional level program is for gymnasts who are 10 and older, have gone beyond USA Gymnastics Level 3 but are not ready or are uninterested in participation in our Junior Olympic Compulsory or Optional Team programs. At this level training time increases to 9 hours per week due to increased skill requirements and competitions are larger and may include out-of-state travel.

The JO program is divided into Compulsory and Optional levels and follows the rules and guidelines of USA Gymnastics. Gymnasts in these groups will have reached a minimum of their 6th birthday in addition to having all required skills, strength, flexibility and maturity needed to find success as competitive athletes. Red Cedar Gymnastics offers quality training for all levels of the Junior Olympic Program. Training time varies from 3 to 5 days per week, depending on level.

The three main goals we have for each team gymnast are:
1.to find individual success based on the gymnast’s personal goals
2. to learn to work together to support one another and achieve as a team
3. to view their experience in competitive gymnastics as positive and fun

Tryouts are held each spring for individuals who are at least 4-1/2 years old for all levels of our competitive program.. If you have questions regarding your child’s readiness for competitive training, speak first with your child’s instructor. Questions regarding specific team requirements should be discussed with one of our coordinators. You can reach the appropriate coordinator by contacting the RCG Office at 517.347.3222. Gymnasts with competitive experience in other programs should contact our office to arrange a private evaluation and an informal meeting with the appropriate coordinator to determine your child’s placement and future goals.

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