Online Registration

For a full schedule of our current class offerings and fees click link below.

**Payment is due at time of enrollment for any class or event!**

  • * REMINDER– please enroll in the same level of class you are currently in unless your coach has specifically spoken to you about moving up to another level**

Classes fill up FAST so please do not delay in enrolling online or contacting our office for assistance!

Session 4 class offerings <– CLICK HERE

  • Classes will run April 8th – June 15th!! 
  • You can still enroll – we will prorate cost if you start after session begins!

We are making some big changes this Fall 2018, so please read carefully to avoid any confusion!

  • We are changing to 10-week recreational sessions. We will run 4 of them throughout the school year.  We have found 8 weeks just is not enough time to allow children to learn and master skills.  These extra two weeks will give us more time to review and fine tune skills so hopefully your child will spend less number sessions repeating the same level of class!  This will mean fewer times you have to re-enroll each year, more consistency with coaching, and when we do enrollment we’ll have had your child for 6 weeks so we have a better idea of what class to enroll them in next!
  • The cost will look higher, but it is just because it is 10 weeks instead of 8 (pricing is towards the bottom of the schedule on the website highlighted in yellow)!  The price per class is the same as the summer, just more classes in the session. We will offer a 2-pay plan where you pay for half the class up front then will be required to fill out an auto draft form which allows us to draft the remaining balance of the class at the end of Week 4.  **If you want to take advantage of the 2-pay option, you will not be able to enroll online, you will need to stop in or call us!**  If you are not comfortable with the auto draft form, you can pay in full at the beginning of the session.  This will hopefully help our members with the price difference.
  • We will NOT charge you for holidays we are closed. With such large class sizes, many people have shared that finding makeups is extremely hard when we are closed for major holidays like Thanksgiving and Halloween. SO this year, when you enroll, if you will be missing a class due to a gym closure for a holiday, you will not be charged for that class so a makeup will not be needed.  IF we are to close for something like a snow day, or something else unplanned, you will still have a makeup to use for that.
  • We will only do our Show and Shine ONE time this year. We were finding people were picking to only attend 1x per year, so similarly to a dance recital, we decided holding our show until the end of the school year will be the best chance for your child to show what they’ve learned. Mark your calendars now, the event will be: June 1st and June 2nd, 2019. We won’t enroll for these events until May, but we wanted you to reserve the weekend now so you don’t double book yourself and have to miss the fun! We will run a Recital and Fun Meet on Saturday and a Recital and Fun Meet on Sunday to give people more flexible options as well as be able to fit more children into our events.  We will no longer be doing Snow and Shine in December.
  • We are also going to offer our Skill Clinics on Friday AND Saturday one time a month. We didn’t want to limit it to only one day, so each month there will be an event/skill of focus for Kinder and Rec. The same event/skill will be offered on Friday and Saturday to make scheduling easier for our members!  Those clinic dates/focuses will be posted to our website soon!


New to RCG? Click here to view our Policies and Information.

How To Register

You can register online (see directions below on how to take advantage of this), in person or over the phone by calling 517.347.3222

Prices for classes are listed on the bottom of the class schedule.  Only other cost is a membership (required for classes and private lessons).  It is $50/child or $70/family.  This is paid one time per calendar year.

Online Registration

New or Returning to Red Cedar Gymnastics?

New and returning families at RCG must first contact our office in person or by phone to establish an account and start the registration process. You will need to provide an email address to access online registration.

Once your account is created, you will be given an user id and password by our office. You will need to login in through our portal to complete your family information and accept our policies as part of the registration process. You do this by clicking on the Parent Portal button on the top left of any page. If you forget your password, enter your email address and click “Forgot your password or need to get started?” and a new password will be generated and emailed to you. You can change your password at any time in the Parent Portal.

NOTE: To register for classes follow instructions in the “Registering Online via Parent Portal” section.

Current Member of Red Cedar Gymnastics Online Registration Set Up

Current members can access their account online through the Parent Portal to manage family information, pay tuition and register for classes. Simply click on the Parent Portal button on the top left of any page.

If you don’t remember the email you have on file with us please call the gym at 517.347.3222 or email us at to update your email address.

If you have forgotten your password enter your email address and click “Forgot your password or need to get started?” and a new password will automatically be generated and emailed to you. You can change your password at any time in the Parent Portal.

NOTE: To register for classes follow instructions in the “Registering Online via Parent Portal” section.

Registering Online via Parent Portal

Once established in our system, you can register for online classes, including special events such as Date Nights, Lunch Bunch and Open Gym.

To register for an event: Click on the Event Registration tab*
To register for a class: Click on the Enroll tab*

*You must have a credit card on file with us to access the Event Registration and Class Enrollment area of the portal.

When entering your customer information, you will be required to enter your credit card information to register. Please note that we will NOT charge your credit card until AFTER we receive your registration and apply any applicable discounts. If you exit prior to completing the registration process your enrollment will be dropped and no fees will be charged. Discounts will NOT appear at the time you register online for classes but will be applied by us BEFORE your card is charged.

It is NOT necessary for you to go to the Fees & Payments tab to complete your transaction.  This will be completed by the office after your enrollment is confirmed and any applicable adjustments are made. 

You will receive a confirmation email that reflects corrected pricing, deposits, and the adjusted balance due when your registration is complete.

PLEASE NOTE: Registrations are processed in person, over the phone and online in the order received. If a class online shows as full please contact the office to confirm as space may still be available.

Class Transfers CANNOT be managed through our Parent Portal!

If you are currently enrolled in a class and find you need to transfer to a different class for any reason contact our office at 517.347.3222.  Attempting to do this through the Parent Portal may result in duplicate charges to your credit card.


Call the office at 517.347.3222 during regular office hours. You can email us as well at We will respond to emails within 1 business day.