Open Gym / Play & Learn

**Every child who does open gym must have a parent/legal guardian sign a safety waiver for them to participate.  ALL Children who come in for Open Gym or Play and Learn MUST be barefoot. Any adult that is on the floor with them at any time MUST have shoes off (can leave socks on).  Adults are NOT allowed on any equipment in either gym at any time. Thank you!!**

School Year Family Open Gym

  • Saturdays 1:30-3:00pm 

  • Walkers-age 16 ($10/child – price change effective 9/4/18)

  • NO OPEN GYM: Nov. 24th, Dec. 29th, Jan. 5th,  Feb. 9th, May 18th, May 25th, and June 1st.

School Year Play and Learn

(Kinder Open Gym – walkers-age 6) – $8/child – price change effective 9/4/18

Mondays 10:00-11:00am

Thursdays 11:00-12:00pm

  • NO Play and Learn: Nov. 22nd, Dec 24th, Dec. 27th, Dec 31st, Jan. 3rd, May 27th.


**ALL participating children MUST have a waiver signed by their parent to participate.**  All parents must remove shoes if going onto floors and all children must remove shoes AND socks to participate.

Children 6 and under will be in our Kinder Gym (EVEN if they participate in Ninja-nastics in the Big Gym for class) with an adult while our Main Gym will be open to participants 7 to 17 only (we NO LONGER allow 6 yr olds, with or without parents assistance, in the Main Gym during Open Gym time due to safety concerns. Thanks for your understanding of these policy changes). **All Explorer Team members are allowed to participate in Open Gym in the Main Gym.**  Those individuals 16 and older must be a part of an area gymnastics program to participate in Family Open Gym.

*Parent participation is required in the Kinder Gym. Ages 7-17 yrs do not require an adult to stay on site during open gym.

For insurance reasons, adults are not allowed on our equipment in either gym. However, you are welcome to go onto the floor to watch your favorite gymnast show off their skills close up.


**Family Open Gym is limited to the first 25 children in the Kinder Gym and the first 40 children in the Big Gym. Please be sure to get here a bit early so you can get in! These limits are in place for everyone’s safety. Thank you for understanding!**


  • Oct 27th – Gym Boo 1:30-3:00
  • Dec 27 – Winter Break 1-2:30
  • Jan 3rd – Winter Break 1-2:30
  • Jan 21st – MLK Day 1-2:30
  • Feb 18th – President’s Day 1-2:30
  • April 3rd – Spring Break 1-2:30


PLAY & LEARN (Open Gym for walkers-Age 6) – $6/child

  • Mondays 10:00-11:00 (during school year only, NOT HELD IN SUMMER)
  • Thursdays 11:00-12:00 (during school year only, NOT HELD IN SUMMER)

There are no Play & Learn times held during our Winter Break or during our Summer Schedule times.

**ALL participating children MUST have a waiver signed by their parent to participate.**

All parents must remove shoes when going onto floors and all children must be barefoot to participate.

Play & Learn is a time for independent exploration and play for children walking to age 6 with their favorite adult. At this age, learning is best done through play.

Parents/Adult Friends assist their child as they try their hand at a variety of age appropriate activities and opportunities for cooperative play with other children. Our professional staff are always on hand to keep things safe and help you be your child’s favorite first gymnastics teacher.

Mom’s Groups of 8 children or more are asked to arrange their own “private” Play & Learn times through our office so that we can accommodate all of the families who want to come and play safely.

  • Play and Learn is limited to the first 25 children.
  • Active Adult Participation is required so that ALL Participants can “Play & Learn” in SAFE environment!


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